Ruth Haag's Taming Your Inner Supervisor Book Series
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Book 1: Taming Your Inner Supervisor
Learn to identify the 3 main behavior patterns of those in positions of authority. Each pattern has weaknesses which must be tamed if one wishes to lead well.

Book 2: Day to Day Supervising
Ruth will take you through all of the most important supervisor/employee interactions. Getting the mosteffective results will depend upon how well you tame yourself, more than how you "control" your employees.

Book 3: Hiring and Firing
Face up to your problems in exercising the supervisor's most basic tools. You'll be surprised to findout which type of supervisor has the easiest time with this!

Book 4: Why Projects Fail
Discover that there is a single cause when projects go completely wrong. You'll have to work your way up to it, to believe that it could be this simple.

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