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Management Training

Ruth Haag's Management Training Programs
Private training programs for companies and organizations.

The Product: Up to two 4-hour courses/day
The Topics: Customizeable coursework
to meet your needs
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Management Seminars:
Ruth Haag's management training seminars are offered at Cleveland State University, Owens Community College, Terra Community College, and Bowling Green State University (Firelands Campus). Contact us for additional information and a current schedule regarding these community outreach courses.

Phone: (419) 621-9329

Ruth Haag's Workplace Problems Q & A's
Ruth answers work-related questions from site visitors...
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Management Books

Taming Your Inner Supervisor
Book Series

Ruth Haag's Taming Your Inner Supervisor series of 4 books takes the new supervisor through a self-examination process by means of stories and analyses.

Book 1: Taming Your Inner Supervisor
Book 2: Day to Day Supervising
Book 3: Hiring and Firing
Book 4: Why Projects Fail

Management Manifesto Pamphlet Series

Ruth Haag's Management Manifesto summarizes her philosophy regarding the treatment of employees. Without these supervisory attitudes, she argues, employees will be productive during less than 50% of their time working. With these supervisory attitudes, she asserts that greater than 75% of the employees' time will be happily productive.

Manifesto on: Management
Manifesto on: Quick Supervising Fixes
Manifesto on: Fund of Money

Executive Gift Book:
Executive Summary On Supervising

A great gift for Boss's Day, or give it to yourself and keep it on your desk for reference!

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