What is green investment?

Industrial revolution of 20th and 21st centuries made enormous pollution and ecological imbalance all around the world. Carbon-di-oxide has major share in green house gas which is contributed by industries effect global climate. Also there is other gas like methane, nitrogen-di-oxide that makes negative impact in climate changes. Lot of changes are going in industry and economic policies of country to address global climate issues. Every aspect of change is to reduce the green house gas emission and use renewable resource like wind, water, solar energy for power creation. In addition to this, World Economic Forum  lists energy sector such as bio fuels, energy efficiency, smart grid in  clean energy company( Clean energy company are those who emit less CO2 gas). Clean energy company are gaining momentum in the current market trend. Tremendous help provided by the research methodology and technology add the momentum in exponential phase.

Economic and Financial policy of developed and developing countries are rewritten to generate clean energy. Subsides, concession, bank loan & guarantee are given to industries to encourage participate in clean energy generation. Automobile, Food and Energy production sectors changed their road map toward new policies on clean energy in order to gain more federal funds. Investments made on these companies are generally called as green investment. Green investment can be stock exchange bonds, equity shares. Starting from small to huge industry, there is wider opportunities and growth requirement in this sector. In this perspective green investment is vibrant.

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