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Ruth Haag's Management Training Programs
Private training programs for companies and organizations.

The Product: Flexible classroom sessions

The Topics: Customize from our list to meet your needs

1. What makes employees happy?
2. Supervisor versus employee thinking
3. Motivate your employees without programs
4. Tame your supervisior personality
5. Look like a leader
6. Act like a leader
7. Useful, meaningful meetings
8. Workplace bias problems
9. Dealing with your one bad employee
10. Who should be fired?
11. How to fire effectively
12. Responding to unemployment issues
13. Use the union contract to everyone's benefit
14. Interview effectively
15. How to hire
16. How to train
17. How to assign work
18. Removing roadblocks
19. Eliciting creativity
20. Checking a work product
21. Increasing productivity
22. Setting goals
23. Make your staff into a real team
24. Flex time: can you do it?
25. Strategies and tactics to meet your goals
26. Business ethics
27. Successful employee parties
28. Which parties to attend, and which to avoid
29. Handle your boss
30. Be a buffer for your employees
31. The basics of customer service
32. Getting along in a family business
33. Project management
34. Why projects fail
35. The balance sheet
36. The income statement
37. You can handle your own business accounting
38. Employment taxes
39. Federal income taxes
40. Depreciation: what it is, how to do it
41. Squeezing out a profit
42. Good presentations
43. Communicate with other teams at work
44. Communicate with those above you at work
45. Communicate with government and the public
46. How to have fun at work
47. Creating a culture of safety
48. OSHA Basics
49. EPA Basics

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Phone: (419) 621-9329

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