Government Policy maker’s position in Green investment strategy

Due to environmental pressure such as famine, flood, drought from all around the world made government and industrialist to think about the strategy to built better business that will accommodate ecological aspects. Global Economic Forum clearly stated that present way of development economics to be changed to address climate change. Government started analyzing and implementing the policy and various scheme to address climatic change. This includes constructing hydro electric power generation, reduce pollution by recycling industrial wastes, dismantle toxic product, afforestation and so on. The policy also include bring awareness to people of different economic class to understand whole idea of green technology and its important. This process is commonly agreed all around the world.

Every year U.S government give bank grantees and loan for innovative idea and existing method expansion on Green Technology. Federal Government also wants to small, medium and large industry to utilize the fund to involve Research & Development on new technology to combat climate change. In broad perspective, Government policies are align with green investment strategy both in objective and subjective methods. Thus policy help companies and organization to grow towards sustainable green technology and in turn that gives advantage for investor to boost confident while engage green investment business.

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