Monthly Archives: December 2012

Need for Green Investment

It is responsibility of every people to save nature. Because all the material we use, either directly or indirectly it will affect the nature. So we have to take initiative at the earliest. In this context, if we encourage and invest clean energy generation, then it automatically consider as we are supporting in saving nature. There are lot of companies and organization is available in stock exchange, equity shares and their growth is tremendous due to government policies and also with people involvement. On other hand corporate social responsibility increase more transparent and visibility towards attention of the world. Even small scale industries are instructed to follow on the rules to reduce the carbon foot print. So there is a rapid implementation of policies in clean energy sector.

Profit per share also comparatively increased over a period of time due to momentum in the business trend. Economist predicts that in upcoming years many small industries will grow as large industry due to the clean energy generation. Either small scale industry or large scale industry, the profit will have bullion effect for investor. Green investment brings two values for same investment. One will be environment prevention where as other will more profit. It provided enough satisfaction for people that they have supported for the social and natural economic change .Thus green investment is emerging market for investment option in aspect related profit.